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Lattice structures of the earth magnetic field
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20 - Predictions and result

20.1 - Predictions from the grid model

Then all together the basic field model and his grid derivations admits the following predictions:
1) If you build antennas and receivers who measure magnetic intensity as a function of the frequency, the grids of the earth could be determined, scientifically and technically, perfectly.
2) An other important use lie in the electromagnetic detection of earthquake, volcanism, plate tectonics and also from metallic objects like mineral resources or submarines.

a) As with the bowl construction of the earth was seen, certain layers are connected with certain frequencies. Volcanic or plate tectonic events in certain depths could be detected, about the measurement of the intensity of more certain (electro) magnetic frequencies.

b) Volcanic or plate tectonic tensions would have have effects on the (dia / para) magnetic behaviour of the involved layers of earth. If frequency and intensity are measured, a change of the intensity would registered in certain frequency responses as a mirror of the tectonic events

c) Probably only with earthquake under a sea possibly:
Earthquakes in certain depths are afflicted with certain frequency and are thereby connected with the electromagnetic field of the earth. If the being higher medium is a homogeneous one (e.g., water, air) the waves going out from the epicentre, must have an electromagnetic correspondence (after a) and b)). And it would become visible in radar pictures as a concentric thing.

d) Furthermore bigger metal aggregations would lead locally to distortion of the intensity of the magnetic field or the magnetic grids. With it exist the possibility of the magnetic detection of (metallic) mineral resources and bunkers. And also the possibility of the detekcion of ducked submarines.

e) Because certain bowls of the interiors of the earth are connected with frequency, so to electromagnetic activities, there can be thought vice versa an electromagnetic broadcasting system with which a certain bowl, directly with certain frequency, into oscillation is moved. This would permit totally new measuring methods and also possibilities for the geophysics.
3) The magnetic extreme stratifications are a basis for the electrically better leading layers of the atmosphere, as for example the ozone, D, E, F layer. The consequence is: these layers show no purely atmospheric phenomena, but are connected with internal physics of the earth.

a) Climate and weather are coupled with the inside of the earth and the events there

b) The natural water transportations and air transports on the earth and in the atmosphere show also electric load transports. And a moved electric load finds out in a magnetic field a strength, the so-called Lorentz force (F=Q·v X B). With east west current this leads to a strength radial down points, with west east current this leads to a strength radial upwards points
The intensity of the grid fields amounts to about 14-16% of the complete intensity. Locally seen may be these very small forces, but because they are effective everywhere on the earth, they would have to have on the global air/clouds/water currents some influence.
Remark: Also is not investigated the influence of the Lorentz force on the water currents (e.g., meander forming) at all. According to my studies, rivers always run along the "grid lines". Fluent water has to search the aspiration for itself the way (est electromagnetically) poor in potential in a scenery.

c) The here described connections are not considered in all present weather or climate models at all. Hence, these can be looked, from now on, merely as the first attempts or nearness posts. A consideration of the magnetic field in the climate and weather models would have to cause a clear qualitative jump upwards in the reliability of these models and contribute to a bigger understanding of the climate and weather education.

d) Here would be to be considered which influence probably a change of the earth magnetic field on the atmosphere and their processes would have. There is here a certain likelyhood which the climate changes of the last years, are induced partly by the also changing magnetic field.

e) Because certain layers of the atmosphere are connected with frequency, so to electromagnetic activities, there can be thought vice versa an electromagnetic broadcasting system with which a certain bowl, directly with certain frequency, into oscillation is moved. The existence of the Haarp project confirms here the model.
4) If the person is adapted to the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth, this considerable effect has if we go away from the earth. Then for future space projects (e.g., to the moon or to Mars) these fields would have to be taken. If one is called she would have to generate artificially (what is already carried out also today or since the 70s of the last century when, e.g., the NASA ascertained changes among other things in the blood count with the astronauts if these fields did not exist)
If one irradiated in a space station or a magnetically guarded arrangement different areas with in each case certain different magnetic frequency (e.g., 7.83 hertz or 11.75 or the frequency from the Adey window), might be noticeable perfectly which frequency or frequency combinations is psychologically most favorable physiologically and.
In this connection the first manned flights might still interest to Mars. With a diameter of 6794 km a frequency of 22.06 hertz belongs after GL 3 to Mars. This is nearly twice as high than the earth frequency. The question is: How will people react to this frequency? One would have to carry out before attempts to check possibly like those of Wever, in order the Mars frequency for biological compatibility.
5) If the living beings of this planet need the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth, still the following cosmological hypothesis can be concluded from it:
The Piontzik-Postulat:
A planet without magnetic field can not produce higher life (on carbon base)
6) If one carried out a long time analysis of the earth-magnetic field, i.e. an annual quartermaster's analysis about several years (tenth) away then long-term oscillations would also have to look on certain shares of the field.
And a beginning would be to be able to describe with it given, e.g., the Polwanderung as a sum of several oscillation processes.
Or to indicate also the possibility, the very long-term oscillation processes exist and to clear in to what extent these correlate with climate changes.



20.2 - Result

The earth is surrounded or puts through from a (electric-magnetic) oscillation structure which shows a grid-shaped structure. In / with this structure the certain frequency in which virtually all life on the earth has adapted itself has set up.
With this frequency structure also certain distances have set up, which to themselves in the bowl construction of the earth and the stratifications of the atmosphere wiederspiegeln.

The basic field model and the Huygensche principle presumed, show four source points the theoretical points from which from itself the whole external magnetic field of the earth allows to stretch.
Besides, the intensities with regard to the single appearing frequency are very small (<10 muT, mainly even <1 muT). As the stratifications point in the earth and in the atmosphere, however, the global effect of these phenomena may not be disregarded. This concerns particularly climate and weather events.
Disturbance of this earth frequency causes an arrangement to the illness with living being. In addition, there seems to be an indirect perception canal for these electromagnetic dimensions of which almost all living beings of this planet dispose. Besides, not the whole intensity seems to be grasped, but merely the intensities of certain frequency responses.

All together with this publication now a model is available which concerns big areas of the geophysics and the geobiology radically, verifiable or falsifiable results contains and, after all, confirms what the old people in her intuitive manner have always known:
The earth is
above the magnetic field
with her internal bowl construction
the layers of the atmosphere
and all beings living on it
a unity oscillation system.


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