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19 - The haarp project

19.1 - Construction and frequencies

The American HAARP project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is a civil one as well as a military research program, where are used high frequency electromagnetic wave for the investigation of the upper atmosphere, in particular of the ionosphere.
Other research aims are an acquisition of knowledge in the areas of the radio wave propagation, communication and navigation.
The arrangement close Gakona, Alaska to the west of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park, is admistrated by the University of Alaska, the US air Force and the US Navy.
The Haarp project was built at the place in which before the arrangement of "Over The Horizon Radar" (OTH) of project stood. The today's arrangement exists of a controlling space, a kitchen, offices and other partly house-size instruments.

The „Ionospheric Research of instrument“ (IRI) is the main instrument of Haarp for investigations. It is a high frequency transmitter system which applies above a surface of about 23 hectares.
The IRI passes of rectangular (in columns and rows qualified) area of dipole antennas which are equipped everybody with an own transmitter or generator. In 1993 it was begun with 18 coupled transmitters, in 1998 the number on 48 was raised. In the final removal in 2007 180 transmitters should be ready for use. The single transmitters are Continental Electronics D616G with 10 kW in each case of broadcasting achievement (maximum 20 kW) and were developed especially for this project.
It is to be headed by the directional characteristic and a sequential control of the aerials and the setting of amplitude and phase for every single aerial, that it is possibly to irradiate a certain area within the ionosphere. Mainly the atmospheric layers of 100-300-km height are used for the experiments. The project also on occasion as an ionosphere stoker called is caused by this fact.
Besides, the in each case used frequency is depending on the height of the layer to be irradiated. The frequency response usable from the arrangement amounts from 2.8 to 10 MHz (short wave). At this point the question rises whether the frequency radiated by Haarp owns a relation to the stratifications of the atmosphere (
chapter 14).
According to Wikipedia are two of the frequency used by Haarp 3.39 MHz and 6.99 MHz.
If one examines both given frequency on her prime factors, it leads to the following decompositions:

3389760 Hz = 11,77·28·32·53
6991380 Hz = 11,77·11·24·33·53

However, 11.77 hertz is the average from the equator frequency and the Pole radius earth frequency. Besides, the inaccuracy of the decompositions is smaller than 0.02 percent. A relation of the Haarp frequency arises from it to the earth frequency.
The frequency used by Haarp shows upper waves of the earth frequency. And this also exceedingly makes sense as in the next segment shall still be seen.
Because the atmospheric layers of 100-300-km height are used for the experiments, one receives (after
chapter 16) a basic frequency response from about 11,564 hertz (109,641-km height) to 11,204 hertz (317,748-km height).



19.2 - The patents

The physicist Bernard Eastlund developed in the 80s of the 20th century some of the draughts which stand behind Haarp. He thouhgt to use radiowaves with high frequency to radiate a large amount of energy in the ionosphere and to energies it electrons and ions.
According to his images one could destroy with it hostile satellite communication and oncoming rockets. This excited probably among other things the interest of the US military.
In the 8/11/1987 he received the US patent No. 4686605 about a „procedure and device to the influencing of an area in the atmosphere, ionosphere and/or magnetosphere of the earth“.
In addition, there exist one more row of other patents which can be associated with Haarp and be taken to those here position, on account of the magnetic oscillation model of the earth:
US patent No. 4.712.155 - December, 1987
„Method and apparatus to the creation of an artificial, by electrons cyclotron resonance heated up region of plasma“

US patent No. 4.999.637 - March, 1991
„Creation of artificial ion clouds above ground“

US patent No. 5.041.834 - August, 1991
„more artificially, more tractably of plasma formed ionospherisc mirrors“
With the help of the grid model, especially of the stratifications in the atmosphere (chapter 14 and chapter 16), the impact of these patents can be relatively simply explained.
Because the layers of the atmosphere is afflicted with the accompanying frequency, an effect is achievable only if the irradiating frequency stands in resonance with the layer frequency. Hence, only the accompanying upper waves are considered here except the suitable basic frequency for a radiotherapy.
And only by this resonance case the irradiated layer is able to take up also the introduced energy to train a plasma or an ion cloud.
Hence, outgoing from the grid model one can make in general for Haarp and similar projects the following declaration:
If one want to energise an atmospheric layer, then must the irradiating frequency stand
in resonance to the layer frequency
In case of resonance the energy get at maximum and all possible upper waves still appear. With radiotherapy of certain layers with the accompanying frequency and the suitable energy, in the resonance case, upper waves originate from ELF till the X-ray or also to the forming of relativistic particle. What explains the following patent:
US-Patent Nr. 5.038.664 - August 1991
„Method for production of a hull relativistic particel in a (certain hight above ground“
The generated frequency spectrum can be used for a row of other uses. A possibility is the exploitation of a generated radiation field for detection purposes. Every body (also every high-energy cosmic radiation, e.g., gamma rays) which flies through such a field leaves, like a radiation track in the cloud chamber, an electromagnetic pattern by which he can be identified. This rescues the possibility of a differentiation whether a flying in object is equipped atomically or not. This detection system is also sometimes called overhorizont radar.
The patents accompanying to the Detektion are:
US-Patent Nr. 4.817.495 - April 1989
„Defensive system to the differentiation of objects in space“

US-Patent Nr. 4.954.709 - September 1990
„directed, high-resolution gamma ray detector“
theoretically a radiation field can be built up in a strength which is able to disturb the electronics of approaching rockets or to destroy also. However, from melting a missile this is still far away.
Of course projects can be used thus like Haarp and their effects also for communicative purposes, just as for the disturbance by radio communication.
Another, in public a lot of discussed, patent received Frank E. Lowther on the 17th of October, 1989:
US-Patent Nr. 4.873.928 - Oktober 1989
„radiation free explosions of nuclear magnitude“
However, one should be clear about that by pure local irradiating of an atmospheric layer, with one single or several frequency, such an explosion is not at all feasible. In any case, not with the energy amounts which are available for Haarp.
One should make clear himself here that the whole process is just a resonance phenomenon and flows, hence, in the resonance case, also through the transmitter. The construction of the transmitter limits or, besides, defines the at most possible energy transfer. And a considerably bigger arrangement than Haarp is already necessary there to lead through the energy amount of a nuclear explosion in short time.
If one tried such a thing with Haarp, some plant components would quite simply evaporate there.
However, except a plasma table explosion model there is also an oscillation approac for a cold explosion. An electromagnetic explosion virtually shows impulse-like events. And an impulse can be generated by a certain Fourier row. To release an explosion in the atmosphere, an atmospheric layer would already have to be irradiated with all frequency seeming in the Fourier row. And the appearing frequency, like the suitable Terme in the row, still to each other would have to be weighted.
The generated radiation field would have to stretch ring-shaped around the globe, virtually as a standing wave, and one would still have to control the phase situation of the concerning oscillations to lead an explosion, so the impulse, exactly over any place on the earth.
Also here is valid again the achievement principle. The arrangement must also be able to take the peaks appearing in the resonance case. Particularly as here still an immense expenditure would have to be pursued for the control of the whole oscillation process.
However, by his physical construction and the generateable energy amounts Haarp is not able at all to work as an offensive weapon for the purposes of a cold explosion.
The idea to achieve crucial energetic effect over atmospheric arrangements is not realised currently yet, and one should also consider here that patents can be granted in the USA, regardless of her feasibility.
Even other patents exist to Haarp. However, these deal with physical objects which can be used as a transmitter or receiver, and are here, hence, no object of the consideration.



19.3 - Consequences

In the chapters 12-14 could be shown that the bowl construction of the earth and the stratifications of the atmosphere are caused by the magnetic grid system. To energise a certain atmospheric oscillation layer in the whole structure can only occur if the irradiating frequency stands in resonance to the layer frequency. And with it also in resonance to the complete system.
To energise atmospheric oscillation layers, leads at most to oscillations in the whole grid structure, but this does not change the structure and the construction of the grid structure. Particularly as the real field-generating elements are in the interior of the earth. Energising of atmospheric oscillation layers is virtually scratching in the surface of the energetic earth structure. Hence, the following statement can be effected here:
Energising of atmospheric oscillation layers
has no effects on the structure and the construction
of the planetary elektromagnetic grid system
Because one brings, besides, however, always also the complete system to swing, it can come as a result of too geophysical reactions. These can be weather changes, however, also seismic processes.
chapter 14 could be shown that the stratifications of the atmosphere are caused by the magnetic grid system, and a consequence from it is the dependence on weather and climate of the magnetic field.
Unfortunately, still no official models, studies or knowledge are given to this connection, so that here can be only said that the fundamental possibility passes with arrangements like Haarp also weather changes to lead here. Just in the group with other arrangements jet streams can be shifted what would have considerable effects on the (continental) climate.
From chapter 12 follows that the bowl construction of the earth is caused by the magnetic grid system. A consequence of the fact is that flat-tectonic or volcanic activities with electromagnetic signals are afflicted. How also in chapter 12 was indicated, a transmitter can be thought, that frequency directly in the earth radiates to stimulate certain oscillation layers. As opposed to an atmospheric transmitter like Haarp, one can call geologic transmitter. Thus one could generate, with being enough size of the arrangement and sufficient energy amount, also an earthquake. Then there one would shake proverbially really the basic scaffolding of this planet.
Around specific seismic activities is Haarp - as an atmospheric emitter - not to be able to go as a suitable instrument. There still comes that the atmospheric frequency differs from the internal earth frequency and, hence, for the frequency used by Haarp none or only slight resonance is given to the earth bowls. Seismic results by the radiations of Haarp are, if generally existent, rather chance products and just no specific actions.
Limited by his physical construction and the really generateable energy amounts in his impact and his effect maximum, Haarp is not able to work as an offensive global geophysical weapon, at most for the weather change. Rather military applications as a detection and communication system as well as the disturbance of radio communication are conceivable.
All in all, Haarp is probably what his name already says: a research program. Though also with military background and application possibilities, but it is not the superweapon of which is often spoken.
In the end still the argument of a hypothesis on Haarp which is rife just among conspiracy theorists: Because the reproach, Haarp is an instrument to the consciousness manipulation.
As in the chapter 18 explained, the emotional filtering and the inversion which the electromagnetic canal make to a indirect perception. People own in such a way, about her emotionality, also about a filter.
And if one looks the attempts by means of TMS where in spite of direct electromagnetic irradiation though results were achieved, however, all together, nevertheless, rather unspecific effects, should be clear all together that about the radiation of a frequency or a frequency mixture no control of a person can be reached. At most it leads to an emotional reaction and maybe the influence then on the mind situation has if one is sensitive enough.
Further the considerations from chapter 18 have shown that we are accustomed to electromagnetic fields. Only if Haarp or similar projects emit other energies to the system frequency, it means merely to the other sturgeon frequency, like the today's electric smog, only one other is added. This leads, on a continuing basis, "merely" to a psychosomatic effect and reaction. But more also not.
This is far away from a manipulation of thought or even control, as this is maintained, e.g., often on the Internet. Such rumours about consciousness manipulations by Haarp simply belong in the world of the fairy tales and fables.

After last attempts in June 2014, the originally planned decommissioning was initially postponed and the facility then handed over to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks in August 2015.


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