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12 - Radial stratifications of the magnetic field

12.1 - Derivation of the stratifications

From the interference of different waves originate oscillation maxima and minima respectively oscillation layers which envelop the earth spherically. In the following illustration 12.1 a geometrical attempt for the calculation of the distance from the earth centre of a layer is used:
 Distance calculation of the interference layers    alpha = 2Pi/n  n is element from N
  Multiple of the basic angle:
   alpha dash = m * alpha/2  m is element from N m<n
   Equation for Lambda
   r = k * Lambda/2  k is element from N
  R = Lo = 6355758,426 m
   x = R * sin alpha dash
   y = R * cos alpha dash
   l dash = y + l  l = sqrt(r*r - x*x)
Illustration 12.1 - Distance calculation of the interference layers      
If all above terms are put in the equation for l' it leads to the following result:
 genaral equation for l dash
 equation for l dash dependent from n,m,k


The book contains a derivation of the stratifications in detail



12.2 - Table of the magnetic layers

Systematic using of the parametres n, m and k in the equation leads to a table in which then the centre distances of all calculated magnetic layers are included.


Table of the distances of the extreme layers for n < 6
  k 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  
n m                  
1 1 6355,76 19067,28 31778,79 44490,31 57201,83 69913,34 82624,86 95336,38 Km
2 1 6355,76 16815,76 26205,46 35387,37 44490,31 53554,57 62596,96 71625,76 Km
2 2 2632,64 11621,04 20609,44 29597,84 38586,24 47574,64 56563,04 65551,44 Km
2 4 15344,16 24332,56 33320,96 42309,36 51297,76 60286,16 69274,56 78262,96 Km
3 1 6355,76 14635,89 21433,41 27997,91 34476,36 40913,10 47326,39 53725,14 Km
4 1 6355,76 13122,94 18378,41 23426,02 28397,82 33333,04 38247,73 43149,72 Km
4 2   7365,95 13136,72 18390,65 23477,33 28486,50 33452,99 38393,37 Km
4 3   4134,54 9390,01 14437,62 19409,42 24344,64 29259,33 34161,32 Km
4 4   3373,22 8237,70 13102,19 17966,68 22831,16 27695,65 32560,14 Km
5 1 6355,76 12052,97 16318,30 20403,63 24423,72 28412,40 32383,47 36343,66 Km
5 2   6982,09 12079,85 16467,08 20651,09 24744,15 28787,92 32801,79 Km
5 3   3054,02 8151,78 12539,00 16723,02 20816,08 24859,84 28873,72 Km
5 4   1769,14 6034,47 10119,80 14139,89 18128,57 22099,64 26059,83 Km
5 5   1500,39 5428,47 9356,54 13284,62 17212,69 21140,76 25068,84 Km


The book contains a table of the stratifications for n < 11


In the table 30 exist for n=2 and k=3 as well as for n=3 and k=2 and k=3 no entries, because here merely quite existence frequencies are generated.
It is noteworthy that the basic hull radius R=Lo appears in the distance table for every n with k=1.
This table is still used for the farther considerations and evaluations.



12.3 - A possibility of evaluation

The calculated distances from the table in chapter 12.2 can be resorted namely according to their size. The possibility of an evaluation originates from it:
Within freely eligible distance segments (from the earth centre seen) only one restricted number of layers results if the parametres n and k are finite in the equation.
From the given distance and the number of existing layers the general average of the layer distances can be determined.
The respective real distribution of the layers leads in certain areas to compressions. I.e. on a relatively short distance more layers appear than in the general average. From these compressions the averages can be formed which establish then the spectrum of the maximal possible layer forming.
Besides, it is taken into consideration neither the polarity nor the interference of the layers, but merely their rate.
However, the spectrum of the maximal possible layer forming can be also used, without restriction of the general public, for a comparison with the earth. Consequently the bowl construction of the earth and the stratifications of the atmosphere can directly compared with the spectrum. This happens in the next
chapter 13 and chapter 14.
In the book a second equation is still given for the magnetic layers.



12.4 - Possibilities of proof

In the chapter 5 and chapter 6 could be seen, by the basic field model, that certain magnetic structures have established with the basic frequencies of the earth which are also recordable as tesseral spherical harmonics. Or also known as global net grid (GNG).
From the
chapter 11 and chapter 12 results that with the basic frequencies of the earth and the global net grids certain three-dimensional (electro)magnetic oscillation structures have formed which one can call spatial radial oscillation systems with a grid structure. Or which one can also name approximately as cube systems.
With the fourier analysis of the earth magnetic field, from the chapters 8 to 10, the grid structure of the earth magnetic field is confirmed on the one hand and shows, on the other hand, that magnetic intensities, as a function of the frequency, in the whole oscillation structure play a considerable role.
Up to now the determination of the whole magnetic flux density takes place with magnetic measurements always, i.e. a quantification of the local magnetic flux density about all frequencies. This lies on the one hand by the physical attempt which goes out from a timewise steady flux density and thereby partly, on the other hand, in the construction of the used measuring probe. However, therefore only the sum of all parts is always measured.
As, however, the fourier analysis shows, exist a zonal, a sektoral and a tesseral oscillation part which are still different in their intensity.
And Hartmann has already proved the connection between the grids and the zonal part by his experiment with a hall-probe (
chapter 11.1).
And in addition the complete oscillation model supplies the following attempt:
If one builds aerials and receivers who measure (electro)magnetic intensity as a function of the frequency, the global net grids of the earth and the spatial radial oscillation system with grid structure would have to be determined with thus scientifically and technically perfectly.
The fourier analysis shows that the appearing magnetic flux densities are very small, for the most part even smaller then 1 uT.
The measurement of the global net grids about magnetic intensities and frequency supplies therefore a verifiable or falsifiable argument with which the model of the spatially radial oscillation system with grid structure can be proved respectively disproved.
Noteworthy is still that zero surfaces form the walls of the grid-shaped oscillation system while the extreme values exist point-shaped in the centre of the in each case enveloping ashlar.
The consideration as a cube system always signifies a consideration of the zero walls. One can see the system, however, also from the position of the point-shaped extrema. Then forms a spatially radial net of extreme points which fill the earth and the space around. The structure is comparably with an atomic grid. Then every oscillation atom owns a characteristically frequency and intensity. To prove this structure might be easier, than to show the existence of the zero walls.



12.5 - A farther possibility of proof

As already in chapter 5 are mentioned by the solar satellite Soho pictures on radar base resulted which show unambiguously basic fields or tesserale ball surfaces functions on the solar surface.
There the question arise whether the magnetic field of the earth could be observed also over satellite, which make photographies in certain frequency areas (radar). Certain frequency areas would have to exist with which it is virtually possible to receive photos of the magnetic grid systems.
This can be used for a detection system to find, e.g., subterranean objects (arrangements, bunkers, mineral resources) or ducked submarines. Every bigger object has capacitive (plastics) and/or inductive (metals) qualities. This leads to a local distortion of the grids and if this distortion can become detected, the whole Stealth technology is also practically useless.

One knows about birds that the magnetic orientation with her seeing, so to the eyes, is coupled. A row of publications exist on this subject. Exemplarily only the investigations are called here by Wiltschko.
(see Wiltschko, Möller, Gesson, Noll, Wiltschko, 2004 / Wiltschko, Gesson, Stapput, Wiltschko, 2004 / Wiltschko, Ritz, Stapput, Thalau, Wiltschko, 2005)
See also chapter 18.17

There is a publication from D. T. Edmonds from the year 1992 with the title "A magnetic null detector as the migrating bird's compass" appeared in the " Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 249 " sides 27-31 in which a zero value detector for the magnetic field is described with migrating birds. Hence, a certain probability exists that the migrating birds can perceive the grids, especially the zero zones. The question is whether can that be converted also in a technical sensor.


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