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18 - Magnetic field and life 3

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18.28 - The experiments with TMS

The experiments with a medical procedure which is called as repetitive Transcranielle magnet stimulation (rTMS) are notable here. The Transcranielle (in Latin for „by the skull through“) magnet stimulation (TMS) was applied about twenty years ago for the first time by doctors to stimulate single cerebral areas by a magnetic field.
The effect of the TMS is based on the physical principle of the electromagnetic induction after which an electric stream flows if a magnetic field is built up or diminished. With the TMS a magnetic field is generated in a reel which is appropriated in the head of a person. Besides, the positioning of the magnet reel is for the generation of expressive data of essential meaning. Stream rivers can be induced in the nerve tracts of single brain regions very much straight by the reel. As repetitive Transcranielle magnet stimulation (rTMS) procedures with which the magnetic charms recur in quick result are called
(see also „therapy encyclopaedia psychiatry, psychosomatics, psychotherapy“ from Zaudig and trusted man).

Today rTMS is used, among the rest, with the treatment chronically of depressive patients who do not respond to other therapy forms
(see in addition "Factors Modifying the Efficacy of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Treatment of Depression" of Ebmeier and Hermann – and see also „Repetitive transkranielle magnet stimulation in the acute accent and long time therapy with depression resistant to therapy of Smesny, Volz, Liepert, cock pigeon, Hochstetter, Crossly).

How rTMS the brain functions changes, researchers could prove with the help of the so-called functional magnet resonance tomography (fMRT) with which the activity of the single brain areas can be measured during a movement or an activity directly. The scientist H.R. Dinse and other researchers of the Ruhr university of Bochum could increase by rTMS the sense of touch in the fingertips
(see in addition „improvement of the tactile Perzeption and parallel cortical reorganisation under rTMS: a fMRT study“ from Dinse, forester, Nicolas, Pleger, Ragert, Tegenthoff).

The scientist Robyn Young of the Flinders University in Adelaide (Australia) irritated with this procedure that area which is affected with dementia patients. With a little bit strange success: Four of the test people were able to do for a short time calendar calculation, a test person drew suddenly detailed-exactly animals. After disconnection of the apparatus vanished these abilities
(see in addition "Switching Skills On by Turning Off Part of the Brain" of Young, Ridding, Morrell).

Allan Snyder, leader of "Centre for the Mind" walks on another way in Australian Canberra. He tries to damp certain cerebral areas straight. His thesis is: To remember the strategy of normal-gifted, only to important events, prevents the access to the complete record in the brain. At the university of Sydney some hundred voluntary experimental subjects with TMS was treated. Besides, suppressed Snyder straight certain neuroelektronische patterns, while he tested the intellectual abilities of his test persons. Because the test participants less reason-steered thought, they have been more creative a lot, the scientist means
(see about it "Savant-like numerosity skills revealed in normal people by magnetic pulses" of Snyder, Bahramali, Hawker, Mitchell).

Here the attempts from the last years of Mi-chael Persinger, a neurologist in the Canadian Laurentian University are noteworthy further. He put out people about a helmet to magnetic fields directly. Besides, it came at more than 80 percent of the experimental subjects to perception phenomena and also for the perception of the presence of a living being, although except the test person nobody was in the space
(see also "Neuropsychological Bases of God Beliefs" and "Psychophysiolgical Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields" of Michael Persinger).
All attempts with TMS show, that our brain sensitively
reacts to electromagnetic influence



18.29 - Antenna in the brain

Particularly interesting for the questions of this work are the researches of Joseph L. Kirschvink. He examined the human brain with regard to electromagnetic Sensorik or sensor elements. The first investigations in human fabric took place about in 1981.
Beginning of the 90th occurred other researches in the human brain at the geobiological university in the Carlifornia institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena. (see „Superparamagnetism in the humanly brain“ in "Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society" in 1991 from Kirschvink and Woodford and see "Magnetite biomineralization in the human brain" in "Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 89" in 1992 from Kirschvink, Kobayashi, Woodford)
The human brain disposes of magnetite atenna
This was confirmed, in the meantime, also by other scientists.
Most regions of the brain contain about 5 millions Magnetitkristalle per gramme, the cerebral membrane even 100 millions Magnetitkristalle per gramme. Magnetit reacts about one million times stronger, to an external magnetic field, than every other biological material. This strongly reminds of the stored ferromagnetischen substances in the organs of animals from chapter 18.1.
In the years from 1992 to 1997 continuing studies of J.L.Kirschvink and his wife A.K occurred. Kobayashi with the help of other scientists.
All these investigations confirmed the aerial function of the Magnetits in the human fabric.
In the book in addition other 15 literature tips



18.30 - A sense for electromagnetic fields

If people are dependent on electromagnetic fields, or exist on the frequency and intensities of these fields and magnetic aerials in the brain, then the acceptance is obvious that we dispose of a sensory canal or perception canal with regard to electromagnetic fields. The existence of so-called sensitive or electric-sensitive people speaks for this acceptance. Hence, the following axiom can be put up here:
The person disposes of a sensory chanel or perception chanel
with regard to electromagnetic fields
On this subject some publications also exist on R.R.Baker from the 80s. (See in addition "Goal orientation in blindfolded humans after long distance displacement: possible involvement of a magnetic sense" in "Science 210" in 1980 / „Magnetoreception by one and other primate“ in "Magnetite biomineralization and magnetoreception in organisms" in 1985 / „Humanly navigation and Magnetoreception“ in 1989)
With the axiom a beginning would be given to be able to explain so-called electric sensitivity as well as feeling or feeling within the Geomantie and the Radiästhesie.



18.31 - To the detection of energy lines

So-called energy lines or grid crossroads become in the Radiästhesie till this day with rods of the most different kind detektiert. The customary Wis-senschaft has here only apparently an answer ready. - The idiomotorische principle or the Carpenter effect. This says that the seeing, imagination or thinking of a certain movement causes the trend towards the release just of this movement. However, the Carpenter effect does not explain by which the images are induced, in the end. And he also does not explain the phenomenon of the well seekers who are so successful that they are used even in the industrial area worldwide.
Who has argued with Channeling phenomena already once which knows that a medium or a channel knows the answer (the Detektion of an energy line) already if the rod moves scarcely. That is: the Rut is no sensor element, but only one pointer. The real sensor is the person. Besides, is to be followed which is put out the perception of the energy lines even to stronger emotional influence as other kinds of the perception. The work with rod and pendulum has occurred a Channeling phenomenon and the perception here about the emotions.

A consequence of the emotional moment is that a negative position leads with regard to this phenomenon to a more or less strong blockade of this perception canal. And even with use of the canal it is necessary to make a distinction between the perceived and own emotional like mental resonances. Hence, it already requires of a certain training to be able to make use of this perception canal itself.
Another phenomenon of our electromagnetic perception canal is the invertierende quality of the same. Since the field elements called energy lines show zero values (
chapter 5 und chapter 11) of the field – however, are experienced so as if there a little bit existed. If we summarise:
1. We react to the absence of certain electromagnetic frequency

2. The electromagnetic chanel is equipped with an emotional filtering and an inverting

3. The electromagnetic chanel can be called as an indirect perception
In the beginning of the 70s the doctor Harold Saxton Burr all living beings proved a measurable electromagnetic field round himself generate. See in addition his book "The fields of life - Our links with the universe" from 1973. Today it is generated indisputably the person even a weak electromagnetic field. Hence, it should not surprise if leads certain interactions, between the own field and a foreign field, to the perception of the external influence.
There which explain as energy lines to called field elements, zero values (
chapter 5 und chapter 11) and by which coming emotional filtering and Invertierung of the perception canal causes, can be said why up to now many of the effected double-blind trials led with regard to Radiästhesie or Geomantie to a negative result. They went out absolutely everybody of wrong conditions or also basic conditions. It is not about the Detektion of something, but about the absence of something, as far as it concerns the grids.
So far it so-called "loaded" places concerns comes which enough, for such an attempt necessary places of the same kind are not to be localised available and these places up to now even by radiästhetische means. Practically impossibly it might be also to be found several people with the same source constitution. Particularly as it is a more than doubtful thing to let stay just ill people on loaded places.
Exemplarily for many rod investigations are in this connection still the investigations of H.L. To call king, and H.D.Betz who published her results in 1989 in the „Wünschelruten report“. Two kinds of experiments took place:

1) Duckboard attempts
With these attempts outside should be ascertained whether there are reproduceable reactions dependent on place of single diviners. The attempt happened in two flows. The place was examined whether a diviner also with linked eyes finds again in which in the first flow an effect existed. The reactions of the different diviners spread, like in former such experiments, according to the laws of the chance.
The emotional filtering or the emotional influence has remained disregarded with this test arrangement and, hence, it can come with every flow to the most different reactions. It would be nearly one miracle if here reproduceable reactions should occur.

2) Tube attempts
With these attempts in buildings should be examined whether water-flowed through tubes can be located in the lying underneath floor. The tubes were shifted between the celebrations chance-steered. The reactions of most diviners also spread here according to the laws of the chance. Nevertheless, single diviners produced more hit than with the chance is to be explained. However, the hit rate was never so high that could be spoken of a reliable reaction.

These attempts confirm, in the end, only the emotional filtering of the canal and the need of a training if one refrains of a natural talent sometimes. Hence, it is pointlessly to be taken an accidental number of people for this attempt. One can call the tube attempt selection procedure - to find "sensitive". But as a proof of a "fine-material" canal he is inexpedient. Because there no way are the emotional shares to switch off, the emotional component makes only minimise if for series of experiments merely sensitive and coached people near pulled.
In all up to now made investigations the emotional filtering was not considered. Hence, the effected double blind studies can be all called what concerns this publication unimportant.
Particularly as has appeared in
chapter 12.2 which causes the whole topic, by the basic field model, is also measuring-technically solvable. The refusal of grid systems and staves is often based on the argument which they were never proved with physical measuring instruments.

and here the basic field model and his consequences delivers an unequivocal answer. In
chapter 5 and chapter 6 was able, with the help of the basic field model, are shown, the certain frequency and structures on the earth seem. In the chapters from the 8 to the 12 was to be seen which with this basic frequency also certain three-dimensional (elektro) magnetic structures have set up. And with the quartermaster's analysis from the chapters 8-10 the magnetic intensities, as a function of the frequency appeared, in the oscillation structure play a considerable role.
Up to now the regulation of the whole flux density, i.e. a quantification of the local magnetic flux density about all frequency occurs with magnetic measurements always away. If one builds, however, aerials and receivers who measure (elektro) magnetic intensity as a function of the frequency, the grids of the earth would would have to be determined with it scientifically and technically perfectly.
For a similar assessment like with the Wünschelrutenversuchen one comes if one the attempts looks currently (2007) in the government institution of industrial safety and medicine in Berlin with regard to electric sensitivity are effected. Besides, a mobile phone becomes about a half a metre of the test person removes positioned. The mobile phone is switched on in irregular distances and the test person is asked in regular time intervals whether he has heard an effect. In addition, the skin opposition is still measured. With these experiments no significant correspondence arose with the Einschaltdauer of the mobile phone and the feeling of the experimental subject.

Here the emotional component of the electromagnetic perception canal will overlook absolutely, or that the whole is just also a Channelingphänomen. In addition, quite stationary oscillation states must appear. Pure irradiating with a mobile phone is not sufficient there. Also the measurement of the skin opposition is not sufficient. How in the preceding chapters was to be seen, one must look there already at the biochemical level.
Hence, the attempts to the electric sensitivity simply pass the core of the topic and are inexpedient for a proof so-called sensitive.



18.32 - Radiation searcher and radiation escapist

Chapter 18.2 reached to the end the person of electromagnetic fields are dependent, or from the frequency and intensities of these fields. If one generalises this result (partly by the chapter 16 and chapter 18.1) so this from which Radiästhesie confessed can be explained with it phenomenon of the so-called ray seekers and Strahlenflüchter. Ray seekers are animals and plants who feel fine in so-called "ray-loaded" zones, yes, they even look. Strahlenflüchter against it avoid these areas.
The examples of the dog as a Strahlenflüchter and the cat as a ray seeker are best known here, or the person feels the view there where a dog to himself probably can also stay. While a place searches one cat, should be rather avoided by a person.
Is worth mentioning here still an old custom with which an ant-hill was put to the place on which one wanted to build a house. If the ants remained one looked for a new place for the house. If the ants from moved one began with the construction works at the select place.
By observation for long periods away developed such a list of animal species and botanical species which is common within the Radiästhesie and Geomantie.
The division in ray seeker and Strahlenflüchter is practical, also by the vernacular, quite long traditional knowledge. Has not found his entrance in the scientific world, however, yet. And here the basic field model delivers a beginning.
In the magnetic field can seem locally distortion which has become by suitable geologic or technological occurrences a stationary state of certain oscillation processes – how with the electric smog. The intensities linked with it and frequency are well acceptable for some animal species and botanical species - to the ray seekers. While the Strahlenflüchter simply other (natural) frequency relations need to feel fine around themselves.
Only the grids play here no role. Wheat fields also show this, e.g. Wheat is called (as a rule) Strahlenflüchter. If the grids for themselves had a visible effect then they would have to become apparent in the plant growth. However, this is not the case. A lasting not biological radiotherapy must be already given to affect the visible growth of plants. Investigations with regard to frequency and intensity could clear whether thereby a more exact classification of the animals and plants, in different frequency responses, is allowed. And they could lead to an exact classification of so-called loaded places.


In the book, performed literature tips contain about 99 percent of the research to the electromagnetic compatibility during the 20th century.


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