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18 - Magnetic field and life 2

The text given in this chapter is a shortened version of the book and contains no literature tips

18.20 - Earth frequencies and humans

The fact that life forms the (elektro) magnetic earth field for perception purposes are of use is indisputably, as seen. There the question whether the person also rises to it is concerned?
The use of magnetic field generators delivers a tip in the astronautics. In the 70s of the last century the changes originated in the blood and the musculature of astronauts which stayed longer time in space stations or vehicles (in an earth orbit). Also the regeneration of the astronauts lasted after these long excursions many weeks. Only by the development (Persinger, Ludwig) and the installation of the small generators which generated an earth-similar magnetic field with 7.8 hertz the symptoms stopped.
(see also „informative medicine“ from Wolfgang Ludwig, p. 33)
Other tips for the magnetic field adaptation deliver the experiments of Rütger Wever, the volunteer in a magnetically guarded bunker examined. These attempts produced the proof of the dependence more humanely of circadian rhythms of the earth magnetic field.
Another tip is the occurence of the Schumann's frequency in the Hippocampus of mammals.
(see in addition "The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map" of O'Keefe and needle from 1978).

The size him, in the
chapter 6 of derived, basic frequency because 11.75 or 11.79 hertz is noteworthy in this connection. Is it not rather strange that this frequency lies just in the alpha area of the human cerebral waves? Besides, in chapiter 15 and chapiter 16 could be still shown which is virtually afflicted the whole biosphere of this planet with a frequency response of 11,7-11,8 hertz. And the Adey window confirmed this "biological" frequency response in Kapitel 16.4.
Because the person has developed in his whole evolution in the natural magnetic field of this planet, one can understand the correspondence of the frequency as an adaptation of the person to the earth fields and earth frequency.
chapter 15.3 could be shown which exists a functional connection between Schumann's frequency and earth frequency, in the form of a fifth. Besides, a spectrum is generated by frequency. (in which also the Sferics are embedded)
With regard on the results of this chapter there lies the end near which is given the adaptation of the person to the earth fields and frequency in a very sensitive and complicated way.
The person seems to need the magnetic earth field to guarantee a healthy sleep, functioning selfregularization of the body, stable selfhealing forces, balance, concentration ability and well-being. (see also IIREC pamphlet: Human vitality magnetic field of Dr. Claude Bärtels). A disturbance of the natural earth magnetic field influence leads to Deregulation and instability of the human self-regulation functions or the biological system.
From such a disturbance is to be gone out always then when so-called electric smog appears. In the following special attention should be given to this phenomenon.



18.21 - Electric smog

In chapter 2 could be shown that the earth magnetic field was virtually stationary during the last 300 years in his construction or in his structure solidly.
From equation 3 in
chapter 6.3 follows the earth frequency not from the time separate merely from the earth radius are dependent. And from equation 9 in chapiter 12 this follows the magnetic layers not from the time are dependent, but are caused merely by the basic cover radius. The basic cover agrees possibly with the earth's surface, so one can take in the other consideration the earth radius for it.
The consequence is which does not change the magnetic field in his oscillation structure (grid and frequency), as long as the earth shape does not change or the real field-generating streams, inside of the earth, do not change.
The consequence is that even after a Polumkehr of the magnetic field (the last is about 750000-780000 years – according to georesearch centre Potsdam) the grids over and over again are based And there are only three possibilities with regard to the oscillation structure (
chapter 11.6):
In the first case exist two just basic oscillations - then there originate four maxima. In the second case it seems odd and a just oscillation – then there originate 3 maxima and a minimum. In the third case exist two odd basic oscillations – then there originate two maxima and two minima.

However, the distance of the magnetic layers of the earth centre (
chapiter 12) and before all things the frequency (chapter 6) stay the same always. I.e. since then the earth a magnetic field owns and has cooled off at the latest in her surface, is accompanied them by the frequency response 11,75-11,79 hertz. So since about 3 milliard years.
In the consequence is: the whole evolution on this planet with this frequency response linked. Because the person has developed during his whole evolution in the natural magnetic field of this planet, one can understand the correspondence of the frequency (Hippocampus, circadian rhythms, Adey windows) as an adaptation of the person to the earth fields and earth frequency.
Against it the humanity generates possibly since 1870 electromagnetic fields, so only for 130 years. By Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse the first spreading of electrotechnical arrangements took place, and continues since then continually. However, measured in the evolutionary time span this is only a low period. And, hence, it is explicable, why we are not adapted to certain technical frequency. The time in addition was easy too briefly.
Caused by the basic field model and the present considerations of this chapter, an easy explanation arises:
The sum frequency in which the person is not adapted originates from the emission of technical frequency (stream transference, radar, radio waves, mobile phones, Bluetooth, W-LAN, computers, TV) and their sum forming with the earth frequency. It can be put up the so following definition:
Electric smog is the electromagnetic radiation of life forms
non-biological frequency
To the definition of biological frequency see chapter 16
In the magnetic field can seem locally distortion which has become by suitable geologic or technological occurrences a stationary state of certain oscillation processes and frequency. A longer radiotherapy (Stay at a place) with this not biological frequency our biological system brings in the imbalance. Because also at the same time the positive effects of the natural field are cancelled to our organism, can expand up to illness.
The phenomenon of the cancer illnesses would also be explicable, this originates if beds stand on so-called energy lines or crossroads with lying underneath water course. Because the grid lines or would wind from zero values of the field (
chapter 5 and chapter 11) exist, all the other appearing "sturgeon frequency" to biological frequency do not come here quite simply to the effect. On account of the present considerations comes that the regeneration is diminished in her effectiveness if sleeping places are on the zero value zones. Because here just the biological frequency is absent.
Is called: the grid lines and grid walls have no direct effect on the illness, therefore, are not the direct cause. They show only one disposition factor which is not sufficient, however, alone for itself yet to cause illness.


18.21.1 - Supplement to the electric smog definition
(Animated by a conversation with Prof. Waltraud Wagner in the 8/18/2007 in Kassel)

Now, however, cases also exist on illnesses with those the irradiating frequency in the area or also exactly on biological frequency lie. As an example 16.66 hertz of the German Federal Railroad are called here which agrees exactly with the biggest resonance in the Adey window - and also the frequency equation for the earth delivers as the second frequency 16.74 hertz.
If one compares, however, the field strengths of the road management to the earth-magnetic field so one can speak in the case of the road management virtually of an overdose.
One could explain a possibility of the explanation of the damaging influence so:
In the resonance case an ACHIEVEMENT POINT appears in the swinging system. And it could damage the cell structure or cell parts.
Smaller amplitudes reach just in addition from an achievement point to create it looks annoying.
If is the amplitude too largely the poster of the system is simply reached or crossed and it occurred none or only minimum reaction (filter function).
And this is exactly the consequence from the Adey window - there exists a frequency window and an energy (level) window.
Hence, the present electric smog definition something else must be extended:
Electric smog is:

a) the electromagnetic radiation of life forms with non-biological frequency (non-adaptation)

b) the electromagnetic radiation of life forms with biological frequency of excessively raised intensity (overdose)
From a general view seen:
One must look at the cells or at cell components as subdued harmonious oscillators. Then the case of an enforced oscillation is given with external electromagnetic irradiation. There a multiple of the amplitude appears with achievement of the natural frequency of the system (resonance).
Then for this achievement point the swinging system the cell is not equipped and it comes to destructions at molecular level.
It seems to play the form of the electromagnetic irradiation one more role. The Less sine-shaped the more jump function is included in the wave even greater is the annoying effect.
This would become a repeated enlargement of the electric smog definition erfodern same: Electric smog is also the radiotherapy of living being with nichtsinusförmigen frequency. However, here the state is not sure yet.
In general can be said:
Electric smog is the electromagnetic radiation of life forms with frequency, intensities or wave forms
for which life on this planet is not adapted



18.22 - Effects of electromagnetic fields

In the book the investigation of biological effects from electromagnetic fields is treated here between 1900 and 1960.
In the book in addition other 20 literature tips



18.23 - Russian and polish Works

A row exist on Russian and also Polish works to the biological effect from electromagnetic fields.
In the book in addition other 82 literature tips



18.24 - Wever, Adey, Bawin and Ludwig

The research project of Rütger Wever was already introduced in the chapter 7.1 and 18.4. Wever also examined the influence of electromagnetic fields for human circadian rhythms. Between 1967 and 1992 appeared a row of works on this subject.
In chapter 16.4 the research project was already introduced by W.R Adey and S.M.Bawin.
In the connection of the biological effect from electromagnetic fields the researches of the biophysicist Wolfgang Ludwig who was also involved in the development of the magnetic field generators for the American astronauts are still to be called. In 1968 some publications occurred on the subject biological effects.
Wolfgang Ludwigs main reserch lay in the area of the therapeutic use of magnetic fields. Between 1970 and 2004 came out a whole series of works in addition.
In the meantime, a fullness exists on publications to the use of electromagnetic fields in the medicine. On these publications it is not entered here, however, closer.
In the book in addition other 18 literature tips



18.25 - Farther Works

Furthermore experiments exist in different animal species with which the animals were put out to electromagnetic fields and the most different bodily functions or also cellular tissues were examined.
Fruit aviation
Mice and rats
To primates like monkeys
In the book in addition other 126 literature tips
There are still some publications which examined effects of electromagnetic fields for cellular tissue, nerve, blood components and bodily functions. But also effects for micro-organisms like mushrooms and protozoans checked.
In the book in addition other 96 literature tips
A row of investigations, among the rest, in children and in the industrial area, deal with the question to what extent electromagnetic fields Cancer as for example leukaemia or breast cancer can cause or also to what extent electromagnetic fields are involved in mortality rates.
In the book in addition other 67 literature tips
Geomagnetic, geophysical and solar influence on living being was also examined.
In the book in addition other 18 literature tips
Then exist, just from the last years, still investigations to the biological influence on technical devices, like radar, Überlandleitungen, phone, mobile phone and TV.
In the book in addition other 43 literature tips
To the effect of electromagnetic fields on the living beings there is still an extensive collection of general works which were published between 1910 and today.
In the book in addition other 123 literature tips
One finds an overview of the most important investigations since 1980 (with measuring values and evaluations) under: http://
In the area of the popular-scientific literature there is also a fullness of publications. Here on behalf the book „Electric smog – bases, limit values, consumer protection“ of the catalysis is the inc. called which contains a good overview about kinds and effects of electromagnetic fields.



18.26 - Effects on a biochemical level

Caused by the researches in the magnet sense and in cellular tissues, some investigations about the effects of electromagnetic waves at biochemical level also occurred. From the last 40 years there exist some works about radicals, enzymes, proteins and other cell structures.
In the book in addition other 63 literature tips
In the meantime, the topic of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, under the concept of the electromagnetic compatibility has come, also in public and is discussed since appearance of the reflex study in 2003 which was escorted by Franz Adelkofer increasingly. REFLEX is the short name for from the European Union in the fifth supporting programme promoted research projects "Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazard from Low Energy Electromagnetic Field Exposure Exposure Using Sensitiv in vitro Methods". Twelve research groups of the universities of Bologna, Bordeaux, Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Hannover as well as five non-university research centres were involved in the project. The aim was to investigate the potential influence of electromagnetic fields of low energy on biological systems in cell cultures.
Besides, appeared that frequency is able in the radioarea, already below the valid security borders to exert damaging influence on cells. Also a genetic-toxic effect - even of weak fields - could be proved what means, e.g., that electromagnetic radiation can lead to changes in the chromosomes. It is to be gone out from an effect even of weak electromagnetic fields on living cells.


18.26.1 - Urzeit-Code

The so-called Urzeit-Code delivers an other tip (
In the end of the 1980s both Swiss researchers Dr. Guido of level and Heinz Schürch with the pharmaceutical company Ciba (Novartis) managed an amazing discovery: In lab experiments they put out grain, fish eggs and ferns to an electrostatic field.

The result consisted in the fact that growth and yield could be considerably increased in this static E field – without supply by fertilizer or pesticides.
Besides, at the same time "old tenses" grew up absolutely unexpectedly, they have become extinct long ago: An annual million age the fern which no botanist could determine. Old maize with up to twelve pistons per handle, as he grew once in South America. And extinct gigantic trouts with salmon hook.

The pharmaceutical company Ciba patented the procedure and prevented the research. Hence, the discovery fell into oblivion fast.
Which reason had the pharmaceutical company Ciba the research to put? Because so-called old grain from the electric field grows faster and more productive, is more resistant compared with pests and needs less pesticides than modern Züchtungen.
The phenomenon of the Urzeit-Code points UNAMBIGUOUSLY,
the fact that electrostatic fields look GENE-CHANGING.



18.27 - Consequences

The correspondence of the earth frequency with the alpha area of the cerebral waves, the correspondence of the Schumann's frequency with the Hippocampusfrequenz which problems arise (e.g., to astronaut or by magnetic screening) if the earth field is absent the Adey window, the effects of electric smog, the works of Kirschvink, Wever among other things, the studies to the electromagnetic compatibility and the basic field model (primarily chapter 15 and chapter 16) suggest the following consequence:
Living beings are dependent on electromagnetic fields
The frequency as well as the intensities of these fields is relevant


The performed literature tips in the book contain about 99 percent of the research to the electromagnetic compatibility
during the 20th century.


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